LTSB is a social mobility charity that prepares and supports bright young people from disadvantaged backgrounds into meaningful roles with major firms. We make sure those at risk of under-employment find careers equal to their ambition and ability, and can contribute from their first day on the job.

We focus attention on communities where potential often struggles to find opportunity. Since our inception in 2012, we have developed a proven model which is based on four key stages:

  1. Promoting opportunities to those from backgrounds that are not normally reached
  2. Preparing young people for the workplace, and the workplace for young people
  3. Placing candidates in careers, stewarding and contextualising their application
  4. Providing pastoral care – an additional support network for the first year of their career.

We address all forms of disadvantage: personal, in terms of adverse life events; socio-economic, in terms of class boundaries or lack of social capital; and practical, in terms of preparation young people need for the working world.

Our dedicated team of Career Development Managers provide tailored support to each young person who joins our programmes, guiding them as they prepare for and enter professional careers.

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