The Covid-19 pandemic has had a significant detrimental effect on youth employment. One month after the UK went into lockdown, the number of 18–24-year-olds claiming unemployment-related benefits
increased by 59% compared with the previous month. Apprenticeships fell by 80% of pre-virus expectations. 16–24-year-olds were the age group most likely to lose their job, with the youth unemployment rate rising to 13.1%, compared with 4.1% for the whole UK.

Our work had never been more needed. When the pandemic hit, 62 of our 2019 intake had not yet found a placement. The young people were facing disadvantage, whether persistent poverty, mental health issues or homelessness. Many of them were particularly vulnerable to the social effects of Covid-19. We pride ourselves on being an employment charity that delivers on our commitment to finding young people meaningful careers. We were determined to find jobs for these young people, despite the pandemic. And so Project 62 was born.

Thanks to the contributions of our partners to our Big Give Project 62 campaign, we were able to provide 62 young people with the intensive, bespoke support they needed to secure and succeed in sustainable careers.

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