During the last week of September, we launched our 2017 London programme with cohort inductions in the Macquarie Group offices. As a charity, we value our corporate partners immensely and our induction days are an excellent example of collaboration between business and charity. The Macquarie Group supports LTSB both financially, and with in-kind support such as the provision of corporate office space and employee engagement. For our new London students, a visit to the Macquarie Group building was their first insight into the corporate world.

Since 2012, LTSB has worked with elite football foundations and education partners to deliver a rounded programme of personal development, and these induction days were with the Chelsea and West Ham cohorts. Fresh from a Sports Leaders course, the young people met representatives from across the business: Ryan Galvin, Manager, Business Resilience; Lisa Merry, EMEA Talent Consultant; David Muir, Senior Consultant, Business Improvement and Strategy; and Ahmod Kibria, Executive, Market Operations. Natasha Ashdown, HR Business Partner, Corporate Operations Group, coordinated the volunteers, and Christine Lange, Facilities Manager, arranged the details on the day.

The young people’s story just struck a chord,” said Ryan Galvin. “They are taking control of their careers, and finding opportunities to go the extra mile, and that’s why I wanted to get involved.”

The presentation and the office tour made an impact on the young people. “It was an eye-opener,” said Anas Osman (Chelseacohort). “I thought it was all going to cubicles and people sitting in lines, but it was really open instead.”

It was really colourful,” Tyler Pringle (West Ham cohort) agreed: “Not just grey!”

This year we have recruited our largest intake yet, reaching young people across London, Birmingham, Liverpool and Manchester. Macquarie Group has supported our work since 2014.  LTSB CEO, Caroline Adair, said, “We’re always incredibly grateful to Macquarie Group, who lead the way in terms of corporate support. The provision of major funding, facilities, and critically face-to-face interactions with our young people is vital for both the charity’s expansion and the outcomes we work so hard to achieve.”