We don’t just help young people to be more employable, we help them into employment with the aim of securing a sustainable career. We couldn’t deliver the programme without the employers who take on our apprentices, and their satisfaction with their new employees is a fundamental aspect of how we measure success.


87% of employers responding to our survey had not taken on a school leaver or apprentice for a junior accounting role before working with LTSB – it has changed the way they think about recruitment.


89% of employers responding to our survey said they believed their apprentice has positively contributed to the working environment at their business.


93% of employers responding to our survey said existing staff were improved by the experience of working with our apprentices – for example reporting increased job satisfaction from seeing a young person develop.


We asked employers what they would say to someone thinking about taking an LTSB apprentice. Here are some of their thoughts:

The quality of candidates is excellent and the process makes it very straightforward to hire apprentices successfully, saving a lot of time.” Susana Lee-Lerwill, Recruitment Manager, BKL

You cannot fail to be impressed by the desire of these young people to succeed.” Robert Fisher, Director, Crowe Clark Whitehill

Think about return on investment and creating a pipeline of talent. The biggest benefit is that someone has done all the hard work for you in finding, training and preparing the young person for work.” Lyn Rutherford, HR Director, Carpetright